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The World’s Largest Cryotherapy Networking Event

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What Are Cryotherapy
Networking Events?

CryoCON 2023 Prices
$350 March 25-27
$450 Mar 28 - Oct 31st
$495 Nov 1st - Dec 31st
$595 Jan 1st - Mar 4th

For cryotherapy businesses, attending wellness conventions and cryotherapy networking events is essential to business growth. Networking events are about creating mutually beneficial professional relationships regardless of industry or sector. They allow you to connect with a global wellness community of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers to share cutting-edge ideas, brainstorm, and learn the latest trends in running a more successful business.


The Importance of Cryotherapy
Networking Events

The term “networking” can be intimidating for cryotherapy startups and established professionals alike. It can be challenging for cryotherapy entrepreneurs who know the value of their offerings but find it difficult to relay their message to their audiences. By attending CryoCON 2023, the first of its kind in the US, if not the world, cryotherapy business owners can:

  • Develop business-enhancing connections
  • Share cutting-edge ideas
  • Brainstorm new business opportunities
  • Get inspired to add new products or services to your business
  • Connect with vendors and manufacturers
  • Join the global wellness community

Why Attend CryoCON 2023?

CryoCON 2023 is your chance to explore keynotes and featured speakers and try out new products and technologies at the World Class Wellness Expo. Art of Cryo is the title sponsor for the third annual Cryo Convention, giving you a chance to hear from the global leaders in cryotherapy technology and innovation. This year’s cryotherapy convention will feature manufacturer demonstrations, workshops, insightful panels with industry experts and cryo business owners, and cocktail hours hosted by Art of Cryo for even more networking opportunities.

The CryoCON Wellness Convention proves that exponential growth happens when you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Ready for the complete CryoCON Experience?

Here is some of the value that will be delivered with your ticket purchase:

  • Access to all Main Stage Sessions with over 30+ Speakers
  • Sponsor Hosted Welcome Cocktail Hour and Reception
  • Sponsor Hosted Networking Cocktail Hour with 400 Cryo Owners
  • Buffet Lunches
  • Access to Expo Hall
  • Over 60+ Products and Services to Experience Firsthand
  • Walking distance to 50+ Restaurants & Shops
  • Attendee Tote Bag and Program

Buy Tickets

Join us at the third annual CryoCON Wellness Convention in Dallas, Texas. Hear from world-class speakers and connect with the cryo and wellness community. Get your tickets today.