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Rainer Bolsinger

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February 28, 2023   Posted by: Lars Lofstrand

Rainer Bolsinger

CSO & CMO of Art of Cryo, the globally working high-performance cryo-chamber brand by L&R Kältetechnik. Being over a decade a passionate “cryo addict”, Rainer was not only lucky to travel the world getting to know many different cultures, but as well to see and help develop different approaches to how cryo can be used in the medical field, alternative medicine, top class sports, fitness, leisure, mental retreats, aesthetics, wellbeing, company health or simply as lifestyle treatment fitting in many modern topics like biohacking. Rainer’s vision is to bring people together to further develop tec spa, integrating different existing and new treatments/solutions/habits/lifestyles on a supra-entity level to generate even more sustainable concept effects.

At Art of Cryo we started the integration of treatment modalities with the brand new Multi Cryo-Hacking System (MCS), first life to see during CryoCon23. As well we announce the launch of the new Flow System (FS) during CryoCon, which fits perfect not only to the rising topic “Lymph & Longevity”. To form ground breaking treatment services for a wider public, we provide our customers access to our partner products and the Remedi-Cool software.