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Lars Löfstrand

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February 14, 2023   Posted by: Lars Lofstrand

Lars Löfstrand

Lars Löfstrand is what is known as a “Serial Entrepreneur,” having started, owned, and run more than 22 different businesses. Lars is passionate about business and helping other entrepreneurs and people wanting to be entrepreneurs realize their dream of owning a successful business.

He is a respected leadership authority, author, talented teacher, speaker, futurist, and organizational consultant. Lars has authored the bestselling books Sticky Money and Real Estate Game Changers.

Delegates consistently rate Lars as the top speaker and facilitator at conferences and seminars around the globe. He has an appeal that transcends age, culture, and occupation barriers. His laid-back and humorous style ensures that his message is not only heard and remembered but put into action long after the event has come to an end.

Get ready for a daring attack on how you look at your work, your life, and yourself.

Be prepared to think out of the box about the things you hold as common sense.