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Kyle Jones

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January 29, 2023   Posted by: Lars Lofstrand

Kyle Jones

Kyle oversees all center operations for iCRYO. He found his passion in health and wellness after pursuing his college career as a football player and graduating from Texas State University with a degree in Exercise Sports Science and Business Management. Kyle is a 2x National Powerlifting Champion with NASA and USAPL while perfecting his craft in nutrition and achieving his Pro card in physique bodybuilding with the NSL and GBO.

During his journey, he was introduced to cryotherapy and recognized it as the next booming industry. Kyle was one of the first to access cryotherapy in the U.S. back in 2012, and he decided to open his first center in October 2015. Kyle developed and trained a staff that pioneered this revolutionary service and created a globally recognized brand that would disrupt the marketplace in health and wellness.