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Brian Coones

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February 14, 2023   Posted by: Lars Lofstrand

Brian Coones

Brian Coones is a father, experimentalist, mindfulness & breathwork coach, and entrepreneur.

Brian’s purpose is to use his energy and influence to help business professionals manage stress, awaken self-awareness, feel better, elevate health & happiness, find deeper meaning & inner peace, create resilience, and level up.

Brian has been studying, practicing, and teaching mindfulness under the mentorship of Dr. Stephane Treyvaud, at the mindfulness center in Toronto, since 2013. Brian also teaches and practices other meditation and breathwork modalities such as heart coherence, subconscious reimaging, Wim Hof method (breathwork & cold exposure), 5D breathwork, and breath empowerment.

Brian has helped to transform hundreds of companies and clients with his practical, experiential, and results-driven coaching, workshops, courses, and retreats.