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Beth Jones

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February 24, 2023   Posted by: Lars Lofstrand

Beth Jones

The FTA serves to unite and educate float center owners, manufacturers, and industry consultants to ensure safe, consistent float practices and promote the benefits of float therapy worldwide. Additionally, we host regular panels to help float center owners learn to educate their communities, grow their businesses, and stay on top of new research. Visit for more info.

Float therapy is an incredible tool for reducing stress, chronic pain, and restoring balance for those with even severe conditions and the science behind why it’s so powerfully effective continues to expand. It’s a modality that requires minimal staffing, making it an amazing option as both additional therapy or a standalone model.

Additionally, Beth is the owner of Float Spa X Wellness Centers ( helping others establish and grow standalone centers or adding float to existing businesses. She is also a Breakthrough & Self-Mastery Coach that helps leaders reclaim control, balance, and connection in their lives and businesses while amplifying success and self-mastery. Learn how to do less and achieve more at