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Antra Getzoff

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January 29, 2023   Posted by: Lars Lofstrand

Antra Getzoff

Antra Getzoff is an entrepreneur, educator, certified business coach and wellness business consultant with clients in the US, Europe, and Middle East.

She has been in the cryotherapy industry for more than 11 years out of her 3 decades of business experience.

In 2010, she pursued a challenge to move to the United States to help introduce whole body cryotherapy to the US market. At that time, extreme cold was increasingly embraced in Europe, yet completely unknown in America.

In 2018, after spending 8 years in wellness business development and equipment sales, Antra founded the International Alliance for Cryotherapy Professionals (CryoProsUnited) that has become the industry’s largest resource and training platform and a community with more than 2,000 members worldwide.