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How to Add New Products to Support Your Cryotherapy Business

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November 28, 2022   Posted by: CryoCON

How to Add New Products to Support Your Cryotherapy Business

Cryotherapy is a burgeoning field with several connections with other fitness and wellness businesses. These overlapping fields provide a ripe business opportunity to add cross-sell services to your packages and increase profitability. So how do you add new products to support your cryotherapy business?

Understanding which products to add to your cryotherapy business can be daunting for seasoned business owners and cryotherapy startups. By doing a few searches, you can learn what it takes to make it work. So read on and learn how to add new products to support your cryotherapy business.

Adding New Products to Support Your Cryotherapy Business

You need to learn other related spa and wellness activities when searching for products that support your cryotherapy business. These relations allow you to create packages and give discounts to ensure your customers always come back. In addition, ancillary sales will increase your bottom line and make your cryotherapy boom.

Businesses Connected to Cryotherapy Work Best

One of the best ways to pick products that will increase your business is to choose things connected with cryotherapy. These add-on items aren’t therapy but related items that could enhance the experience. Think of these items like the milkshake added to a burger meal or extra minutes with a massage therapist after a hard workout.

Cryotherapy Beauty Products

One of the products that work best with a cryotherapy session is a beauty product. Skin revitalizers after dips in the intense cold can keep the skin supple and will be free of eczema outbreaks. Tons of spas have added cryotherapy alongside a sauna and facial treatments.

Fitness Gear for Cryotherapy Sessions

Cryotherapy sessions allow muscles to recover after a heavy day in the gym. You can expect additional business by offering dips in the tank or more workout sessions with a trainer. Full-service fitness plazas will cater to all aspects of training, and nothing helps recovery like a cryotherapy treatment.

Cryotherapy Spa Options

Going to cryotherapy could be like going to the spa. Treatments and procedures should enable clients to use the therapy with other facials and skin treatment options. Spa options are great for cryotherapy businesses as an extension of their business ethos or as a new product.

Interconnected businesses and services are the first places to look when adding new products to your lineup. Remember that these products should aid your cryo tank business, and associated businesses can be in various industries, and you will find out what services should be added by researching.

Cryotherapy Services Are Another Product Worth Adding

Adding services that work well with cryotherapy is a gold mine you must explore. Additional services work great because you can bundle them together at the time of sale and provide discounts. However, remember that these other products work best if used in concert with cryotherapy.

Red Light Therapy

A novel way to cure the skin of acne outbreaks is using red light therapy. Red light treatment uses low-wavelength light to bathe the body in a sauna-style booth. The health benefits for the skin work well with cryotherapy, and red light treatments are often given during the cryo process.

Intramuscular (IM) Injections

IM injections are shots given deep in the muscle. The cold allows the shot, usually B12 or D3, to absorb into the muscle much faster than usual. These shots are given weekly and could be a new revenue stream for your business.

Hydration Therapy

IV or Hydration therapy is another new product that will support your cryotherapy business. Hydration therapy provides nutrients and electrolytes to help you heal and recover from a stressful event or a rough week in the office. Hydration therapy is lucrative because it has many uses in the spa setting.

Compression Therapy

Cryotherapy is about healing. Another healing service you can provide is compression therapy. Compression therapy takes large boots or casts and uses subtle changes in the air pressure inside them to influence recovery. Compression therapy is fun and relaxing and is often given before a cryo dip.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

You might have heard of this therapy as several NFL and NBA players use hyperbaric tents to aid their recovery. It is in a tank like cryotherapy and will repair your body while you nap or meditate. Hyperbaric chambers have revitalizing powers that people enjoy pairing with a cryo treatment or massage.

Staged Cryotherapy

You should use localized or directed cryotherapy in addition to your full-body dips. Using wands and smaller implements, you can do treatments on rough patches of skin or the face and forehead. Localizing the therapy makes it usable in any environment and can work for different parts of your business.

There are many options for additional products for your cryotherapy business. You should take your time and decide which works best for your setup and how you will be able to apply them for your clients. Ultimately, their satisfaction with the choices will make your business thrive or send you back to the drawing board.


Cryotherapy on as a service offers several health benefits and can be used in multiple applications. However, adding ancillary products and services as part of your wellness business can increase sales and support your facility as a whole. For more ideas on how to grow your cryotherapy business and to discover cutting-edge products to add to your list of services, head to CryoCON 2023!

CryoCON 2023

The third annual Cryo Convention will be held on March 5-6th at the Dallas Renaissance at Plano Legacy West Hotel. As the largest cryotherapy convention in the world, it’s your chance to network with likeminded business professionals and learn the latest trends on running a more successful cryotherapy business. At the World Class Wellness Expo, you can try out new innovations and technologies, as well as ancillary products to add to your business. Grab your tickets before they’re gone!

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