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Cryotherapy’s #1 Benefit: Reducing Inflammation

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September 20, 2022   Posted by: CryoCON

Cryotherapy’s #1 Benefit: Reducing Inflammation

Over the last decade, cryotherapy’s popularity has risen due to the usage by athletes and celebrities alike and the ever-popular Instagram posts of people standing in the machines getting treatments. However, many still wonder what cryotherapy is and how it benefits the body. The reduction of chronic inflammation in your body is the biggest benefit of cryotherapy.

What is Chronic Inflammation?

Chronic inflammation may sound unfamiliar to you, but it actually is far more common than you would think. Things you encounter every day such as stress, sugary foods, exercise, or air pollution can cause chronic inflammation. While chronic inflammation goes mostly unnoticed, the cumulative damage is very noticeable in the form of arthritis, heart disease, stroke, and even Alzheimer’s disease. “It’s a smoldering process that injures your tissues, joints, and blood vessels, and you often do not notice it until significant damage is done,” says Dr. Andrew Luster, of the Center for Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital.

How do you combat it? Cryotherapy.

How does Cryotherapy help Chronic Inflammation?

Cryotherapy helps relieve chronic inflammation in a number of ways. Cryotherapy uses an intra-joint temperature decrease to reduce several factors involved in joint inflammation: it increases the production of proteins crucial to cell signaling, cartilage-degrading enzymes, and proangiogenic factors. Specifically, angiogenesis is a vital function within the body, responsible for delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues and is required for growth and development, as well as the healing of wounds. Furthermore, research has shown an additional benefit of cryotherapy is lower concentrations of markers for muscle cell damage.

What do existing cryotherapy customers say about cryotherapy and decreased chronic inflammation?

Cryotherapy clients have discovered the benefit of lessened inflammation through the regular use of cryo. “After having surgery for a ruptured disc, I was very limited in my activity for over two months and with counsel from my surgeon looked for ways to promote healing. Inflammation is the biggest obstacle that delays healing, so I started going to Cryo1one every day. Not only was my healing accelerated, which amazed the doctor, but I felt better as the cryo session helped replace some of the positives I normally would get through daily exercise,” explains Libby Toudouze of Dallas. “I have continued cryo after recovering from my surgery, and my doctor can see a visible reduction in inflammation markers in my blood work.” Studies show that inflammation reduction from cryotherapy will be experienced with one session but is amplified by the frequency of treatments.

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