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CryoCON 101: Everything a First-Time Attendee Needs to Know

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October 17, 2023   Posted by: CryoCON

CryoCON 101: Everything a First-Time Attendee Needs to Know

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In the rapidly evolving landscape of the wellness industry, CryoCON has carved a niche as the premier convention where the pulse of the cryotherapy industry and the broader wellness universe converge. If you’re considering attending the fourth annual international CryoCON, prepare to step into a realm where cutting-edge wellness business ideas seamlessly merge with holistic health practices.

This guide is tailored to offer you a panoramic view of what to expect, ensuring you’re primed to harness every ounce of value from the Cryotherapy Exhibition 2024. Whether you’re a seasoned cryotherapy business owner or an emerging entity in the wellness domain, the opportunities at CryoCON 2024 are boundless and transformative.

What is CryoCON 2024?

CryoCON is the epicenter of the cryotherapy and wellness universe. A yearly international convention that started as a hub for cryotherapy professionals, it has transformed into a comprehensive platform that bridges various facets of wellness. CryoCON 2024 has become the leading convention for wellness owners to learn best practices for running their businesses.

The event brings together business leaders, wellness experts, technology providers, and newcomers into a dynamic environment of learning, networking, and growth. From panel discussions and workshops to a grand exhibition of cutting-edge wellness technologies, CryoCON is where the future of wellness takes shape.

When & Where is CryoCON 2024?

Set your calendars for March 2 & 3, 2024, at the luxurious Renaissance Legacy West Hotel in Dallas, Texas! Marking its position as the first-of-its-kind convention, especially in the rapidly budding US market, CryoCON is more than just an event—it’s the answer to the industry’s need for best practices and standards.

The Mission of CryoCON

With a vision to elevate the wellness industry, establish safety standards, and guide owners toward profitable ventures, CryoCON integrates manufacturer demonstrations, in-depth workshops, enlightening panels with industry stalwarts, and relaxed cocktail hours to foster meaningful networking.

CryoCON 101: Understanding the Ecosystem

World-Class Wellness Expo: Beyond the talks and panel discussions, the expo will be your playground. Dive into hands-on experiences, witness live demos, and evaluate cutting-edge products and technologies. This tactile experience aids in informed decision-making, especially if you’re considering expanding your wellness offerings.

​• The Cryo and Beyond Approach: CryoCON 2024 isn’t just a cryotherapy exhibition. While cryotherapy remains at its heart, this edition aims to encapsulate a holistic approach to wellness, offering insights into complementary wellness practices and innovative tools. Whether you’re a seasoned cryo business owner or venturing into diverse wellness avenues, the convention has something tailored for you. ​​

Why Attend CryoCON 2024?

For first-time CryoCON attendees, the opportunities are vast. Here are the top benefits:

•  Holistic Wellness Perspective: While its roots are deeply embedded in cryotherapy, CryoCON 2024 broadens its scope to encapsulate the entire wellness sector, making it invaluable for any wellness entrepreneur or enthusiast.
•  Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, potential partners, and like-minded professionals. CryoCON’s diverse community base offers opportunities for cross-industry collaborations.
•  Hands-on Experience: The World Class Wellness Expo lets you dive into real-time experiences, evaluate products, and witness the future of wellness technologies.
•  Knowledge Amplification: Engage in enlightening discussions, attend workshops led by experts, and receive insights into market trends and forecasts to shape your business strategies.
•  Business Expansion: Discover new products and modalities to incorporate into your wellness business, discover potential vendors, or scout locations for your next outlet. ​

Maximizing Your CryoCON Experience: Tips for First-Time Attendees

•  Secure Your Spot: The first step in experiencing all CryoCON has to offer is to purchase your tickets and complete attendee registration. Tickets are officially on sale now, so grab yours before they sell out!
•  Strategic Networking: While networking opportunities abound, it’s essential to strategize. Identify key attendees or businesses you want to connect with in advance.
•  Engage in Workshops: CryoCON 2024 offers a range of interactive workshops. For a first timer, these sessions are golden opportunities. They provide hands-on training, deep dives into specific topics, and a chance to ask questions in a more intimate setting.
•  Stay Updated: Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep your finger on the pulse of the event.

Hear from the CryoCON Community

Reflecting on the success stories from CryoCON 2023, many attendees transformed their learnings into actionable business strategies. As one of the attendees encapsulated their experience:

“We learned and gained a better understanding of our future and growth, opened our second location, sought out a more solid Marketing plan… Had dinner and brainstormed with amazing owners we have come to know and love.”

Paul & Terri Hooten, Ultra Cryo & Recovery

Join Us at CryoCON 2024!

CryoCON 2024 isn’t just another event in the wellness calendar. It’s a comprehensive, immersive experience designed to equip you with knowledge, connections, and tools to elevate your business. The opportunities are vast for first-time attendees, and with the insights shared above, you’re well-equipped to make the most of this monumental event.

Secure your spot today, and let’s elevate the global wellness conversation. Be in business for yourself, not by yourself.

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